Encosta da Luz – November update

We are excited to share the latest news and updates on the construction progress of Encosta da Luz. Jorge Grave shares some exciting developments. Plot 1: Earthmoving Work to Begin in December Exciting news! The construction project is progressing smoothly, and we are happy to announce that the earthmoving work is slated to commence in […]

Update on the Progress of Burgau Sea Gardens

In a recent update, our Chief Engineer and Partner, Jorge Grave, shared the latest developments regarding the construction of Burgau Sea Gardens. Here are the key highlights: With each milestone achieved, we are excited to see Burgau Sea Gardens taking shape and progressing towards becoming a remarkable residential project. Stay tuned for more updates. Only […]

Encosta da Luz – Construction update 19th of October

We are thrilled to inform you about the most recent updates regarding our project in Praia da Luz, Algarve. Plot 1 The commencement of earthmoving work is scheduled to begin in December Plot 2 We are currently developing projects for a 300m2 house. Plot 3 The construction of the structural wooden floors has been successfully […]

Burgau Sea Gardens – Show Apartment Coming Soon

We are thrilled to announce that the show apartment will be ready soon, giving you a unique opportunity to experience the luxurious lifestyle that awaits you at Burgau Sea Gardens. We are currently preparing apartment P1 as the show apartment with Specification B, including a series of extras and a furniture pack at cost price. […]

Encosta da Luz – Update 12th of September

Plot 1 We have cleaned the lot and completed the site fencing. We are now waiting for instructions from the client to begin the next phase of the project. Plot 2 This plot is for sale. We are developing projects for a 300m2 house and offering two options: steel frame construction (2,510,000€) or traditional construction […]

Burgau Sea Gardens construction is right on track!

Jorge Grave once again shares with us more details on the construction progress. The construction progress is going well and we are on track to meet our deadlines. The team is working diligently to ensure that everything is on schedule. We are pleased to report that the construction of block A2 is proceeding according to […]

Encosta da Luz – Update 24th of July

Get the latest news on Encosta da Luz. In this report, our Chief Engineer and Partner, Jorge Grave, sheds light on the progress and developments made since our last update. Plot 1 We are waiting for the approval of the engineering projects to start the work, which is scheduled for the beginning of August. To […]

Burgau Sea Gardens model apartments coming soon

The construction of Burgau Sea Gardens is advancing at a good pace, with the structure of block A1 already completed on the 16th of June. The conclusion of the structure of block C is expected at the end of July, and of block A2 in mid-September, concluding the entire structure. We are also excited to […]

Encosta da Luz – Progress

Our Chief Engineer and Partner, Jorge Grave, provides us with an in-depth update on each plot of Encosta da Luz. Plot 8 The architecture project for the license is being finalised, and the engineering projects have started. The licensing process at Câmara Municipal de Lagos should be open until mid-July. Plot 8 is for sale […]

Encosta da Luz: The First Sustainable Project in Praia da Luz

Luxury villas with stunning sea views Encosta da Luz is a luxurious residential project located in Praia da Luz, consisting of eight contemporary homes that are designed to cater to all modern-day needs. The project is the first sustainable project in the area, which means that it has been built with the environment in mind. […]

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